The Indonesian Quaternary Research Forum (INAQUA), established since 1st August 2008, has been formed as a consequence for the purpose of our needs, projecting the future and the rest of their peripheral aspects. The vision of the INAQUA, and its primary mission for facilitating and for improving research activities, in turn will create a fruitful condition to human being for the moment initiation of a project and research under the INAQUA authorization and management, thereby in the next term, they have to be maintained and established. The role of INAQUA not only focused on studying various aspects of the Quaternary period (about the last 2 million years) in the Indonesian region, but also would be incorporate the increasing concerns on the improvement of quality of life. To anticipate those widening spectrum of role played by INAQUA, the present day situation, as a crucial background would be reoriented accordingly. In these case, a multidiscipline research could be envisaged as the methods for approaching the common platform of a given problems in relation to the problem solution breakthrough, academic research and scientific studies as well. We seek to disseminate our findings through publication in peer-reviewed journals, presentation at internatiomnal, national and local scientific meetings and other media. Our aim is to have the knowledge gained from our research benefit. We strive to provide objective, incisive analyses that facilitate sound decision-making regarding the delivery and receipt of sciences.
VISION : “The vision of the Indonesian Quaternary Research Forum is to facilitate and improve studying various aspects of the Quaternary period (about the last 2 million years) in the Indonesian region by applying and disseminating knowledge gained”.

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